Best rain jacket for men

Best Rain Jacket for Men

There is no doubt that owning a waterproof jacket is a characteristic of every person who loves the great outdoors. We explained in a previous article what makes a good rain jacket and how you can tell the difference between several such items. Today,
Best rain boots

Best Rain Boots of 2019

Finding the best rain boots is a matter of time and patience. It’s not easy or fast to browse maybe hundreds of rain boot models in the search for the best pair. That’s why we’ve done it for you. We’ve
Waterproof Boots Women

Waterproof Boots: Women’s Best Hiking Friend

With the variety of boots currently available on the market, making the right purchasing decision can be a bit overwhelming. As usual, the important thing is to know exactly what you’re looking for, so you can narrow down your search
Best rain boots for men

Best Rain Boots for Men

So far, we’ve written all sorts of tips on how to choose the best rain boots for men and women in general. While there is a number of similarities between boots designed for each sex, it’s important to know that
Waterproof winter boots for men

Best Waterproof Winter Boots for Men: Winter is Coming!

When I started researching for waterproof winter boots for men, I was under the false impression that all the quality winter boots were waterproof by default. I mean, if you’re going to build a solid pair of winter shoes, resistance
Best rain boots for women

Best Rain Boots for Women

Women have a strong reputation of owning way too many pairs of shoes. Can’t really blame them: we live in a society where you can actually attract negative comments if you wear mismatch your shoes and your purse. But beyond

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