Waterproof MP3 Player for Swimming

Best Waterproof MP3 Player for Swimming

There’s quite a difference between a waterproof mp3 player and a waterproof mp3 player for swimming. Water is probably the most stressful environment in which your mp3 player has to survive. Simply because you find a
Sony DSC-TX10 Waterproof camera

This is the Best Sony Waterproof Camera

Ever since photography entered the digital age, the two main competitors dominating the market were Canon and Nikon. However, after some troubled times in the early 2000s, Sony has made incredible progress and today is considered
BRAVEN Flye Sport Waterproof Earbuds

BRAVEN’s FLYE SPORT Waterproof Earbuds Are Here

Back in January this year, BRAVEN announced that they would be launching a new category of performance-oriented product, aimed for active people. At CES 2017, they revealed the FLYE SPORT and the FLYE SPORT REFLECT, a
Nonu S30 Waterproof Phone

NOMU S30 Mini, The New’n’Cute Waterproof Phone

Fresh out of the oven, the S30’s younger brother is now available for purchase. The 4.7-inch NOMU S30 Mini delivers a ruggedness you wouldn’t even expect. Its waterproof capabilities are especially interesting since they’ve just been
CAT S60 Waterproof Phone

Is the CAT S60 the best waterproof phone?

If you ask people what the best waterproof phone is, most of them will tell you it’s the Samsung Galaxy S8. It is, indeed, a beautiful smartphone with some of the best tech specs and it’s
Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard

Choosing The Best Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard

Are you on the market looking for a waterproof mechanical keyboard? You know, contrary to what some people think, choosing a waterproof keyboard doesn't necessarily mean you’re giving up some great gaming or multimedia features. While
Waterproof Phone Pouch

What’s The Best Waterproof Phone Pouch

In some of my other articles, I mentioned several phone pouch models and why they offer the best protection for your phone. The first thing you need to know about a waterproof phone pouch is that