Corsair Brings Out Its New K68 Spill Resistant Keyboard

On the market for a stylish and spill resistant mechanical keyboard? With its Cherry MX Red keyswitches, the K68 delivers a complete gaming experience, thanks to the responsiveness and feedback of its keys. Enhanced with gold

The New Toreto Aqua Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Toreto just launched a brand new waterproof bluetooth speaker, perfect for sunny days by the pool or beach. It’s combination of gray and light-blue really provides the feel of a waterproof gadget ideal as a swimming

iPhone 7 Waterproof Case: Which One To Get?

Your dry ninja reporting for duty, this time to help you find an iPhone 7 waterproof case. The iPhone 7 is one of the best-selling smartphones developed by Apple and released back in September 2016. With

Galaxy S6 Waterproof Case: Which Is The Best One?

It is no secret that people that form the modern society are addicted to their gadgets. And why shouldn’t we take advantage of how technology has evolved? Well, thanks to the evolution of technology, we can
Types of Bluetooth Speakers

Types of Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are handy and useful. However, there are so many of them competing on the market that many of them have evolved to better stump competition. And thus, the different types of Bluetooth speakers were
Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Under $50

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Under $50

Comparing products according to features, performance, and price can get a bit taxing. There will always be a speaker that’s better than the other in one aspect. The best thing to do prior to buying is